Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is offered by MMBTU to area Schools. This program may include trout eggs from state hatchery an aquarium cold water circulator and filter system. Along with TIC we offer fly casting, fly tying and knots for the fisherman.

  • Raise trout from eggs to fry
  • Monitor tank water quality
  • Engage in stream habitat study
  • Foster a conservation ethic
  • Understand ecosystems

When the fry’s are old enough and the stream temperature is within a few degrees of the tank temperature the fry’s are released into a nearby locally approved stream or watershed. Teachers tailor the program to fit their curriculum needs which can include interdisciplinary applications in science, social studies, mathematics, fine arts, and physical education.

TIC programs have been in place across the country for over 20 years, the results of numerous collaborations between teachers, volunteers, government agencies, local organizations including Trout Unlimited.

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We also assist local sportsmen clubs and schools with casting clinics and fly tying.