Brunswick Rises to “TROUT ON THE MALL”

Featuring Eric “The Bug Man” Frohmberg
Free Fly-Casting, Fly-Tying, Live Music
Community & Conservation Came Together August 12, 2023 on the Brunswick Town Mall

The public joined the Merrymeeting Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited for a free day of all things trout, fishing, community, and conservation– and support a fund-raiser to help send a young person to TU Maine’s Trout Camp.

Outdoor enthusiasts, families, young people, seniors, fishers of every kind, and the general public attended this FREE event held by the Merrymeeting Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited on the Brunswick Town Mall.  Fun was had by all as seen in the photos taken from the days activities.


Casting Sessions

During the late winter- early spring months we hold casting sessions open to the public at the Brunswick
Recreation Center. This has become a popular after-school activity for junior and high school aged
students to learn to fly cast as well as for adults looking to dust off some rust before the season opens.

these sessions have ended for 2023.  Have fun putting your skills to use on the water- Tight Lines!



Fly Fishing Workshops

We offer casting and fly-tying instruction to junior and senior high school student at their schools. These
workshops typically occur in the spring, take two days a week for a period of five to six weeks. Our
volunteer instructors have both instructional and fly fishing skills. Some have been certified by Fly
Fishing International.

Fly Tying and Entomology

An eighth-grade class of students at Edward Little Middle school will have an in-school field trip to learn about entomology from MMBTU board member Eric Frohmberg, followed by a Fly Tying session with fellow board member Selene Frohmberg, that will “tie” into Eric’s bug presentation with fly selection and material usage on May 8.